The Handy Manny tools and toys are based on a Disney Channel animated TV show that features Manuel “Manny” Garcia who is a repairman in Sheetrock Hills. Handy Manny has talking tools such as the Screwdrivers, Turner and Felipe, Stretch the Tape Measure, and Squeeze the Pliers, each with their own personalities. Handy Manny and his fun talking tools use creative thinking and cooperation to fix things right.

Handy Manny's Repair Shop

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Welcome to Handy Manny’s repair shop. There are tons of great projects you can do to build and fix things just like Manny does on the show. Grab your blueprints, choose a project and slide that blueprint into the diagnostic center. Next, Manny will walk you through the steps and show you how to do the project. There is a power saw and a power drill that you can use to do the projects. Includes over 40 parts to do the projects. Features a fix – it power saw and a fix – it power drill to do projects. Over 20 projects to complete. Age: 36 months – 6 years.

You can find some great learning toys for your little guy in the collection of Handy Manny tools and toys.

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Watch this short video showing Handy Manny’s talking tools: